Dynamic technologies like digital bulletin boards and mood-setting video walls are central to how a Philadelphia college immerses students in the fast-paced, ever-evolving hospitality business.

The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College is using as many as 40 digital signage displays around its campus for a variety of needs. Digital bulletin boards, for example, relay important messages to on-the-go students. But the screens also set an intriguing tone for the school’s student-run gourmet restaurant.

The 1860s mansion used for guest diners has a hallway lined with changeable artwork, using thin-profile, LED-backlit displays that allow content to be changed on demand. The displays are enclosed in ornate picture frames that match the old home’s decor and ambiance.

The Great Chefs restaurant dining hall has a large video wall, accented by drapes, to effectively mimic a room with a great view — tuned to the current dining theme. Influenced by the menu, the digital window can show the Paris skyline, Chinese mountain landscapes or whatever scene best corresponds to the cuisine of the moment.

The technology serves three core objectives:

  • To capture students’ attention with digital displays, as paper messaging typically gets ignored
  • To get students involved by learning and reading the displays
  • To deliver a “wow factor” for diners, prospective students and their parents

Learn about more of the exciting things the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College is doing with digital signage in the case study below.

Samsung Digital Signage Serves Up a Dynamic Learning Environment from Samsung Business USA

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