For today’s on-the-go workforce, mobile productivity is bigger than any one single device. Most Americans report using two or three mobile devices, selecting whichever — be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone — is the best fit for the task at hand. But when workers have to constantly switch between a smartphone, a tablet and a notebook, productivity can be seriously compromised. Employees need to stay in sync and connected across devices. What if you could bring enterprise productivity and mobility to all employees — while seamlessly connecting all of their devices? Enter Samsung Flow.

Samsung Flow enables employees to keep their devices in sync and connected, no matter where they’re working. It allows for easy authentication via your Galaxy smartphone’s fingerprint scanner, convenient 4G LTE tethering, and file sharing across enabled devices. The result? Employees can get real work done on the device of their choice.

Introduced on Samsung’s enterprise-ready, Windows 10 Pro 2-in-1, the Galaxy TabPro S, Samsung Flow is purpose-built to work together with the latest Galaxy smartphones.

To learn how Samsung Flow can help your mobile employees stay in sync and productive, check out the infographic below.

Samsung Flow: Bringing people, devices and data together for true mobile efficiency from Samsung Business USA