With the growing popularity of “bring your own device” (BYOD) and blended learning environments, it’s critical for classrooms to have the infrastructure in place to support student collaboration on a variety of devices. Samsung and Tidebreak have partnered to create a solution that combines Samsung interactive whiteboard displays with Tidebreak collaborative software — enabling students to work together seamlessly on group projects using any device.

Tidebreak provides a virtual collaboration space in which students can share information and co-create interactively. Students can connect wirelessly to a shared display from a laptop, tablet or smartphone using any platform. They can share content, work collaboratively on the same application and freely exchange ideas — leading to richer learning.

“There isn’t a student who doesn’t want to be more engaged, more stretched, more involved or go on a deeper journey for their learning,” says Tidebreak’s Andrew Milne. And that’s exactly what this combined solution enables.

Watch the video below from the 2016 ISTE conference to hear how this solution can facilitate digital student collaboration and project-based learning.