Security awareness is key for any organization, whatever its size or line of business. Tips to increase security include training employees, providing secure devices and enforcing basic controls. But for many busy entrepreneurs and startups, security isn’t the main consideration when taking their ideas to market.

Alley, a shared workplace for entrepreneurs in New York City, provides a secure environment in which to work, offering a private network for each business that shares the space. As work becomes more mobile, ensuring that mobile devices are protected if they are lost or stolen is also critical.

Jason Saltzman, Alley’s founder and CEO, says early stage startups can effectively secure their mobile devices with a minimal effort. He uses Samsung’s My Knox, a free application compatible with the latest Samsung smarphones, to secure his mobile device. In the case that it is lost or stolen, he is able to use My Knox to remotely find, wipe or lock the device to ensure that data can’t be taken. He recommends small businesses mandate team members to use solutions such as this to help establish the security culture that’s needed at a busy community like Alley, ensuring that security is maintained even when operations are being kept strategically lean.

To learn more about how Alley is raising security awareness, watch the video below in which Alley founder and CEO Jason Saltzman explains how My Knox helps keep all sensitive information safe and secure.

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