Windows PCs and smartphones are the two most important productivity tools used in many workplaces. The problem is, they generally don’t play very well together. With the introduction of Samsung Flow, that’s about to change for Samsung partners and the customers they serve.

The app, which securely and seamlessly connects Galaxy smartphones to Samsung’s professional-class Galaxy TabPro S running Windows 10 Pro, is pre-installed on the TabPro S and is available for download from the Google Play Store on select Samsung smartphones. And stay tuned for more: Samsung Flow will sync Galaxy phones with even more upcoming Samsung Windows PC products, such as Samsung’s Series 7 notebooks.

With the app installed, users can log in to their Galaxy TabPro S via the fingerprint sensor on their Samsung Galaxy phones. One-stop secure access to two devices is just the beginning of how the Flow app makes life more convenient in the workplace and cuts down on the time users spend completing tasks.

Whether in a meeting, traveling, or at a desk, mobile professionals are constantly switching between their phones and PCs to keep up-to-date on e-mail, calls, texts, and other communications. Flow addresses this inefficiency by sending all notifications received on Galaxy phones to a synced Samsung TabPro S. On-the-go executives can check notifications from the smartphone on their TabPro S and reply to messages directly from the PC as well. That means saying goodbye to the constant back-and-forth between platforms.

Samsung Flow gives partners yet another tool to help educate customers on how to overcome some of the stickiest mobility problems they’re likely to face on a regular basis. Mobile professionals go where business takes them, and they need consistently reliable access to information anytime, anywhere. A lack of Wi-Fi availability in certain locations can present a huge challenge, but Samsung has got the situation covered. With Flow pre-installed on a TabPro S, the PC can automatically sense the presence of a Galaxy phone nearby and turn on Flow’s hotspot feature to access LTE connectivity.

Getting started with Samsung Flow is simple. With Flow installed on a Galaxy phone, users can simply tap their phone against the TabPro S on the left side of the keyboard to sync the devices via an NFC link and allow for the download of Flow onto the PC.

Samsung Flow is available for Galaxy phones running Android Marshmallow OS (6.0) and later, including the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Note5.

The Galaxy TabPro S 2-in-1 has an ultra-slim form factor at just one-quarter-inch thick and 1.53 pounds, and features a sixth-generation Intel Core m3 processor, a full-size keyboard, and a 12-inch Super AMOLED display that delivers brilliant color and razor-sharp text for a superior visual experience.

With Flow, Samsung partners can now deliver a comprehensive, interoperable set of mobile and PC solutions to customers with the Galaxy TabPro S and future Samsung Windows 10 products.

Discover how to improve workflows and increase productivity with Samsung Flow another tool to help Samsung partners deliver the most comprehensive, interoperable portfolio of professional mobile solutions to customers.