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Digital Double-Play: High-Brightness Digital Signage Draws Both Indoor and Outdoor Traffic

Most businesses would agree that digital signage offers a significant advantage over traditional print displays. Digital’s timely dissemination of information and the compelling nature of colorful, moving graphics have become clear differentiators.

However, until recently, the bulk of digital display deployments have been designed for artificially lit indoor venues (think reception areas, bars, or company cafeterias). If a business were located in a building with a high volume of window space and natural light, digital signage wasn’t a realistic option because the glare from sunlight often made the display content unreadable and ineffective.

Now, new high-brightness technology makes it possible to locate digital signage in areas where direct sunlight and glare had previously obscured a digital display’s messaging. By generating more than 2,500 nits (a unit of visible-light intensity), high-brightness digital display panels — with screen sizes that range from 24 to 75 inches — provide the color contrast and brightness to make signage “daylight-readable” in almost any environment. This includes displays that are mounted and protected indoors but are visible to outside passersby — such as a display sign hanging in a shop window or even a large video wall placed 10-15 feet off of the window front. These are typically called “semi-outdoor” displays, as they don’t have the ruggedized enclosure required for full “outdoor” displays.

Branch banks and brick-and-mortar retailers are two businesses ideally suited to leverage these semi-outdoor solutions. Both of these industries face the same business challenge — reduced on-site traffic due to competition from web and mobile channels — and both can physically accommodate not only compelling in-window displays but also large, high-impact visuals set further back inside yet still visible from the sidewalk.

Bright Retail Displays Draw in Shoppers

Retailers want to offer more passersby a reason to come inside and shop. Semi-outdoor, high-brightness digital signage — whether it’s a single, well-positioned screen or a synchronized grouping of multiple screens — stands out visually and provides an opportunity for retailers to capture attention and pull in browsers at any time of day, under any weather conditions. Once prospects have been drawn inside, retailers can further leverage their digital signs to provide pinpoint promotions, communicating the right message in the right location at the right time.

Integrating digital signs with relevant back-office systems can add even more value. For example, if the display is integrated with the store’s inventory system, it can be programmed to respond quickly to an individual store’s product levels by announcing a flash sale to move slow items, halting discounts on unexpectedly popular merchandise or announcing newly arrived products to keep customers in stores longer. The store’s displays can even harness mobility by using beacons to push information, coupons and loyalty points to a shopper’s smartphone.

However, none of this can happen unless the shopper is pulled into the store to begin with.

Branch Banks Leverage High-Bright Signage as a Competitive Differentiator

Branch banks are battling online, mobile and financial technology companies for business and are losing face time with clients as a result. Unfortunately, the less on-site time banks get with customers, the fewer opportunities exist to sell more sophisticated and profitable financial products.

In an effort to differentiate themselves in this very competitive environment, local branch banks are leveraging state-of-the-art digital displays to draw people in, including video walls that stack or group individual digital screens into one massive synchronized display. These high-bright displays may be located indoors, but they’re purposely built and positioned to also be visible to outdoor viewers. With the right messaging, these clear, bright digital displays can increase customer on-site traffic and give bank personnel more opportunities to make a sale.

High-brightness digital displays can pack a two-for-one marketing punch, producing an even healthier return on investment. Semi-outdoor signage not only provides real-time advertising and guidance to on-site customers, but it can also use compelling content and 24/7 visibility to both grab the attention of passersby and enhance a business’s overall customer traffic levels.

Samsung offers a wide array of high-brightness digital signage solutions to fit businesses of all sizes.

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