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Three Ways a Knox Device Enrollment Program Streamlines Mobile Security Management

Does your team spend too much time walking employees through every step of the device enrollment process? Do you have a Help Desk just to make sure employees can get their devices set up and enrolled in your mobile device management (MDM) program? Does it take you hours upon hours to manually configure each phone?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” keep reading. Samsung’s device enrollment program, Knox Mobile Enrollment, easily and automatically activates large numbers of devices over Wi-Fi or LTE in your MDM, saving IT and employees time and money. Here’s a look at how it works and some key benefits.

1. Automated Configuration

When purchasing hundreds or even thousands of phones for your enterprise, manually tracking the devices’ information and taking them out of the box for configuration can eat up a lot of hours. Even with smaller bulk purchases, such as a set of 10, the hours still add up over time.

With the Knox Mobile Enrollment program, the entire process is streamlined and efficient. Once a purchase order is placed through an approved reseller or carrier, the reseller will send a comma-separated file that lists all the devices’ unique International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers (IMEIs) and serial numbers to your IT administrator. From here, the IT administrator simply needs to upload either the devices’ IMEIs or serial numbers and they’ll be automatically enrolled. Alternatively, the administrator can download an app and scan the bar code on each device’s box.

Either way, Knox Mobile Enrollment is quick, efficient and allows for a zero-touch configuration.

By using Knox Mobile Enrollment, the entire device management process is automated, ensuring that IT is always in control while saving organizations a significant amount of time and money.

2. Zero Hassle for Employees

Along with IT’s own manual configuration process, enrolling devices in an MDM program typically also requires employees, once they receive the devices, to connect them to the MDM solution. Usually, this process involves going to a website and downloading the MDM software to the phone.

While it seems like directing employees to a website to download the MDM solution shouldn’t be too complicated, there are always some employees who run into problems, which results in IT teams having to spend time walking them through the process.

With Knox Mobile Enrollment, employees don’t have to do a thing. As soon as they receive their device and power it up, the device will automatically install the necessary software and apply the security settings and configurations you’ve mandated.

3. Complete Mobile Security Management

With the Knox platform, the integrity of the entire device, from the hardware to the application layer, is protected. Additionally, Knox Mobile Enrollment is supported by top MDM providers such as BlackBerry and AirWatch, allowing for further mobile security management.

Through the Knox Mobile Enrollment program, IT can set and change mobile security policies as needed without ever having to touch a device. These capabilities make it easy to better protect company data by preventing employee actions that could jeopardize device security. IT maintains total control and can prevent employees from installing new apps or removing previously installed apps. IT can also help manage data usage by disabling high-bandwidth activities, such as video streaming or automatic app updates, and is able to wipe company data if a device is lost or stolen.

By using Knox Mobile Enrollment, the entire device management process is automated, ensuring that IT is always in control while saving organizations a significant amount of time and money.

Looking to update your aging device fleet? Samsung has partnered with a number of top MDM providers to offer a complete secure mobile solution that meets the needs of even the most security-conscious government agencies and enterprises.

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