Most of the attention around Samsung Knox focuses on the multilayered security platform, not device configuration. However, you can use the Knox Custom Configurator (KCC) solution to extend Knox-enabled smartphones and tablets for a range of specialized use cases.

Mike Fleming, director of strategic development at Conversa Solutions, a mobile software developer based in Orion, Michigan, is using Samsung Knox Custom Configurator to offer customers innovative solutions built on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Using KCC means you don’t have to flash individual devices after customizing them, and you can deploy content to devices while reducing operational costs.

Extending Knox Beyond Security

As a tool for mobile device configuration, KCC offers new customization methods that can help enterprises create and deploy custom, secure mobile devices to fit specific business use cases.

For example, Fleming describes a project for a whiskey distillery in which Conversa Solutions customized a Samsung Galaxy smartphone for exclusive use with the Gear VR headset. As part of the distiller’s launch of a new whiskey, it sought to create a virtual reality kiosk that would transport users to the distillery in Scotland where the whiskey is produced. For this to be most effective, the device needed to be locked down so users wouldn’t — intentionally or unintentionally — leave the virtual reality experience. To achieve this, Conversa reengineered the Galaxy smartphone by deactivating calling, turning off notifications, and designing a custom media player. Customizing the smartphone to work exclusively with the Gear VR helped create a powerful, convenient and portable solution for the company’s marketing efforts around the launch.

In another project, a large hotel that grew tired of two-way radio traffic issues inside their properties partnered with Conversa Solutions to use Knox and KCC to customize a set of Samsung Galaxy smartphones for their housekeeping staff. The devices feature a custom app that lets the housekeeping crew access multiple Wi-Fi points across the hotel to increase communication. The devices were customized to include only the necessary applications for work — meaning no social media, games or ability to call outside phone numbers — taking mobile device configuration to a new level. With the new devices, the housekeeping crew can also alert maintenance to electrical, plumbing and other issues that need repair, and the onboard GPS in the devices helps maintenance crews hone in on the exact location. Likewise, hotel management can track the progress of the housekeeping staff at work throughout the property.

Looking Ahead

According to Fleming, the possibilities for mobile device customization continue to expand, as he sees growing interest in the federal and healthcare sectors. Fleming foresees an exciting future for Samsung Knox Custom Configurator as a customization platform as more vertical markets integrate mobility into their daily operations. He stresses that not every enterprise can use out-of-the-box devices, pointing to tablet-based kiosks popping up in restaurants as examples of the growing market for customized devices. Hospitals are also rolling out customized mobile devices to patients’ bedsides to bring them hospital services like menu ordering, creating a new standard of in-hospital care.

As more businesses seek innovative and secure mobile solutions, Samsung Knox Custom Configurator and partners like Conversa Solutions will set a new standard for mobile device configuration.

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