Smart TVs are key to delivering the digitally fueled experience today’s hotel guests expect, from video streaming to apps to interactive program guides. But for many hotel properties, a giant roadblock has stood in their way: coax wiring. Many hotels are outfitted with coaxial cable networks, but smart TVs required wired Ethernet — until now.

With the release of Samsung’s 694 Series of Smart Hospitality TVs, which operate over coaxial networks, hoteliers can install smart TVs without the cost (and headache) of IP/Ethernet rewiring. Guests can access the same “smart” experience they enjoy at home, such as screen mirroring, streaming video and social media, and take advantage of next-generation hotel services including on-screen checkout, interactive program guides, and temperature and drape controls — the brand experience hotels want to deliver, at a cost they can afford.

Watch the video below to learn how Samsung’s Smart Hospitality TVs can deliver a standout digital experience for guests without breaking the bank for hoteliers.