You’re making efforts to improve patient care, and you’ve even made strides in advancing your organization’s use of mHealth. But have you taken time to optimize the technology used by each position at your facility?

When you think about how much your staff’s responsibilities vary, the idea that they need different technology to optimize their productivity makes complete sense. Physicians and nurses may need more mobility than workers in other roles, but they also need constant access to EHRs and other systems to record vital signs, take notes and enter patient information. For them, the mobility of a tablet could be superior to a larger notebook. Staff in administration or finance, while also mobile, are working with a set of responsibilities that involves submitting forms, composing and editing documents, and accessing lengthy payer and government information. For them, the productivity of a keyboard and mouse are a must.

You should take the time to understand not only the requirements of your staff, but also which mobile device options — from tablets, to notebooks, to hybrid 2-in-1s like the Galaxy Book 12 — will optimize productivity at your facility, and ultimately, improve patient care.

View the infographic below to learn more about how a 2-in-1 device can provide clinicians with the perfect combination of mobility and productivity.