To stay competitive, fleet operators are adopting telematics solutions to optimize fleet performance through data-driven insights on how vehicles and drivers are operating.

Onboard devices can track fuel efficiency, vehicle performance and monitor driver behavior to reduce costs, improve vehicle uptime and implement driver best practices.

Telematics solutions also provide maintenance technicians with real-time data about truck performance and enable just-in-time maintenance and repairs. Using smartphones and tablets, technicians can access activity lists, manuals and inventory, as well as mirror to digital displays to encourage collaboration.

Additionally, managers are able to monitor vehicle and driver performance to enable analysis of individual and group driving dynamics, creating opportunities for improvements through coaching and gamification. And with fleet telematics solutions, back-office analytics can help fleet operators optimize productivity in the maintenance shop and on the highway, providing an improved experience for employees and customers alike.

Learn more about technology that’s shaping the future of logistics operations in the video below.