Wallace Santos, CEO of Maingear Computers, enjoys improving SSD performance for his customers. He recently tested the performance of two systems, one with a standard hard drive and one with a Samsung 960 Pro Series PCIe SSD, to demonstrate how the right hardware can easily optimize a computing system for the best user experience.

At the start of the test, using two identical gaming PCs, the Samsung 960 Pro isn’t even installed in the second computer. He starts the standard hard drive system, then installs the SSD in the second system, which takes 16 seconds, then turns on the SSD-based system. The game loads in 50 seconds on the SSD-based system, while the HD-based system, even with a 16-second head start, is still loading.

“We’re excited to show you the ultimate test between a standard hard dive and the PCIe SSD. We recommend the Samsung 960 Series SSDs to gamers because they are the fastest SSDs available in the market,” Santos says.

The Samsung 960 Pro delivers increased SSD performance with 4.5 times faster random read performance compared to SATA SSDs, and enhanced performance over HDDs. With capacities up to 2 TB, the 960 Pro NVMe drives offer enough capacity for even large games, along with SSD performance of up to 3,500 megabytes/sec on reads, and 2,100 megabytes/sec for writes.

To get in an inside look at how PCIe SSDs compare to standard hard drives, check out the video below.

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