Samsung recently announced its partnership with wearables platform developer Hipaax to accelerate the adoption of smartwatches in the workplace with the task management platform TaskWatch.

Using Gear S smartwatches, TaskWatch alerts employees when tasks need to be completed. It has applications in many industries — from servicing an airport restroom to greeting a new customer that just walked into a store.

“Any business that has a need to keep their employees hands-free [is a fit for TaskWatch],” says Bharat Saini, founder and chief technologist at Hipaax, adding that the platform allows employees to “stay focused on their primary job responsibilities and still be connected to back-end enterprise events.”

With TaskWatch already in use with a number of customers, including Buffalo Wings & Rings and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, the possibilities for expansion feel endless.

“Traditionally, if a business had a concept that they wanted to deploy on wearables, it would easily cost $100,000, be a six [to] 12-month effort and require eight or 10 people to build out the application and infrastructure, do the testing and get it deployed,” explains Saini. “We can do all of that within a matter of days.”

Learn out more of Saini’s thoughts on the future of workflows in this video.

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