While some devices are certainly smart, not all are intelligent. Erik Bjontegard, founder of mobile communications platform Spark Compass, is working to change that.

His company aims to make devices work at their maximize capacity by adding edge computing, smart sensors and additional technology that brings new context to smart products. This ability to gather up-to-the-minute information and make it relevant to users is exactly what makes devices next-generation intelligent.

I caught up with Bjontegard last month in San Diego at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit, where he told me more about the work his company does.

“We extend the ability to control a device but also the way we can communicate with the device,” said Bjontegard, discussing a smart sensor with the ability to measure the soil moisture content of a citrus tree and then alert a worker when the tree needs to be watered. “By ensuring that each component works at its full capacity, [is]all integrated, now you have an intelligent system,” he added.

See what else Bjontegard had to say about creating intelligent devices in this video.