Quick productivity improvement tip: Extend your smartphone onto your desktop.

Samsung DeX allows users to work without barriers, extending their smartphone capabilities onto the desktop using a keyboard, monitor and mouse. The rich experience includes contextual menus, drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to resize windows.

Why take your mobile device to the desktop environment? Some workflows just fit better on the big screen: Spreadsheets, for instance, can be easier to read on a desktop.

How’s it done? Simply dock the phone into the DeX station and select “DeX mode” for the desktop experience. From there, choose an app (or maybe two) in the application tray and start working. Users also have full phone capabilties while in DeX mode. Incoming calls trigger a notification on the monitor with the options to accept or dismiss calls. To call out, simply use the usual dialer or messaging app. It’s as simple as that.

That’s all it takes: Score a big, amazing, game-changing, productivity improvement by pairing a smartphone with a desktop.

Want more on this “absolutley amazing” solution that can bring your business on the go and decrease the number of devices you need to complete your work? Me too… check this out.

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