Welcome to SBTV, the business video series that’s all about you!

What’s the story? It’s all about innovation. Host Reid Estreicher digs into the latest tools and techniques for business. Reid serves up everything from informational demonstrations to hands-on how-to segments — “a showcase for technology innovation.”

Bottom line: Reid shows you how today’s innovations can make your job easier. That’s what it is all about.

SBTV isn’t just a one-man show: It’s a collaboration between Samsung and its partners. Together they deliver a fresh, innovative, interactive take on IT. It’s technology served up in a fast, friendly format. Give Reid two or three minutes, and he’ll give you something you can put to work today to ramp up the power and productivity of your IT investments.

Dive into the SBTV business video series so you know how to ask all the right questions, get the right answers and make your job easier with innovative technology.