Tech wearables: They’re not just for fitness anymore. Look around and you’ll see wearable technology just about everywhere, solving a range of business challenges. Wearables offer a great hands-free communication tool, and with a dedicated EMM right out of the box making it easy to manage an entire fleet of devices.

So what kind of business challenges? Retailers are using them to keep employees on task. Servers can be notified when customers are seated and when food is ready to serve. For field service workers, wearables can mean better facilities management and easier communication with home base. Even healthcare is getting a healthy dose of tech wearables. Doctors can receive emergency patient updates, nurses can get patient notifications and patients themselves can close the loop, using their wearables to connect more easily with medical personnel. It can all be done securely using Samsung Gear products and Samsung SDS EMM for Wearables right out of the box.

Whatever the business challenge, chances are there’s a wearable solution.

This episode of SBTV expands on these use cases and shows just how far wearable tech has come.

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