Seeing Differently: From Mobile Barcode Scanner to the Eiffel Tower

First it was a phone. Then it was a camera. Now it’s a whole new way of seeing.

With a mobile barcode scanner, QR scanner, text translator and business card reader, Bixby Vision brings vision intelligence to the smartphone.

Introduced in the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Bixby Vision delivers mobile image recognition technology across consumer and enterprise interests.

With an integrated QR scanner, a user simply points at a QR code and is taken to the corresponding web page. An integrated mobile barcode scanner does the same, opening a range of possibilities on the retail front, where a clerk on the sales floor could use it to do a quick price check or inventory search.

Picked up a stack of business cards at a meeting? Bixby Vision can read the contact information from each card and store it in your mobile device’s address book. It can also translate text from 50 languages, a helpful feature for business travelers trying to decipher road sign and menus.

A “Places” feature identifies famous buildings and landmarks, and delivers relevant information about nearby restaurants and businesses.

From QR codes to the Eiffel Tower, Bixby Vision is changing the way mobile devices see the world.

Watch the video above to see how Bixby Vision can improve your daily workflow.

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