Some things are easier to do on a big screen: Accessing Microsoft Office documents, copying and pasting between apps or even bolding text. In this episode of SBTV, Reid and Greg showcase how Samsung DeX enables users to seamlessly access their virtual desktop from their Galaxy S8/S8+ smartphone.

Samsung DeX enables users to extend their smartphone to a full desktop experience by connecting to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. DeX also allows users to resize windows, view and access tray icon notifications, use keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop apps and files.

So what is a virtual desktop and how is it related to DeX? A virtual desktop is way to put PC assets in the cloud, allowing users to remote into their corporate desktop from any location, using almost any device. With DeX, users can now combine their mobile environment with their cloud-based corporate desktop from a single pane of glass.

This is a game changer for IT administrators as it simplifies device and data management by reducing the number of desktop devices while keeping corporate data secure and centrally managed in the cloud. Additionally, by combining DeX with cloud-based desktop virtualization technology, employees can be more productive without the overhead and inefficiency that comes with switching devices throughout the workday.

To make this all happen, Samsung has partnered with Citrix and other leading desktop virtualization vendors to ensure full DeX optimization. In an increasingly mobile world, DeX offers a simple, streamlined means to share smartphone assets in the desktop environment.

Dive into the basics of DeX and how VDI technology can help you improve your mobile workflow in this episode of SBTV.

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