Managing security comes with a huge cost: Just ask the IT guys who tick away hours resetting passwords. Biometrics make authentication easier for the end user and more secure for business, but how do you harness this technology for applications? Queue Samsung SDS Nexsign™.

Nexsign is a biometric authentication solution that allows users to access applications that hold sensitive information with a fingerprint, voice, and/or iris scan. Furthermore, Nexsign aligns with the standards set by the FIDO Alliance, the world’s largest ecosystem for standards-based interoperable authentication. By using the FIDO standard, Nexsign allows other companies to easily plug-and-play. That means the Nexsign platform works seamlessly with the various FIDO compliant authenticators that are either resident on the device or that can be installed by the customers, such as the mobile banking app Debbie demonstrates here.

Once Nexsign is integrated, users are simply prompted to authenticate with their biometric information rather than a PIN, password or passcode. Apply your fingerprint, show your face or say the magic words and you’re in!

There you have it: an authentication solution that’s simple, fast and secure.