When it comes to security, not all mobile platforms are created equal. In comparing mobile security platforms, enterprises must assess what protections they will offer against existing and emerging threats — from malware and advanced hacking techniques, to attempts to access lost or stolen employee devices.

In this video, two leading mobile security experts — Gartner’s Patrick Hevesi and Samsung’s Ram Motipally — discuss how enterprises can mitigate security threats to employee mobile devices.

“We are starting to take these mobile devices and treat them like full-fledged citizens from an IT perspective — full management, having that container, having secure communication, having threat defense capabilities on it,” explains Hevesi. “So it’s definitely been a challenge for these vendors — some are doing better than others.”

Download the full complimentary webcast featuring Gartner Research to find out more about Hevesi’s research on mobile security platforms, including:

  • What are the most common threats to mobile devices today?
  • How do the current mobile platform compare?
  • And how has Samsung evolved its Knox platform to build deeper levels of security into its Android devices?

Learn more about protecting your employees’ mobile devices against security threats in the video above.