4 Resources to Leverage Before Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 Hackathon

Hackers, developers, designers and engineers from the Bay Area will come together for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Hackathon on November 4 and 5 in Mountain View, California.

The event will pit teams against each other in friendly competition, and give some talented individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to innovate and create compelling, real-world solutions, utilizing Samsung’s devices and technology.

Ahead of the event, there are a number of resources available to help those attending get the most out of the two-day hackathon:

1. Samsung Developer Program

For developers who are looking to leverage the power of Samsung’s device ecosystem, the company already has an online repository of resources that provides everything you need to build apps for Samsung platforms and solve common development issues.

Tools for developers available on the Samsung Developer Program website include documentation, API references, programming guides, tutorials, publishing information and more for products like the Galaxy Note8 and Gear VR.

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You’ll have the backing and expertise of Samsung Developer Success team behind you and access to technical webinars and workshops.

2. Webinars

Samsung has put together a strong list of informative webinars covering a range of topics so that anyone interested can get up to speed on the products and tools which will be available to developers.

For enterprises today, a key aspect of developing any new apps or services for smartphones is security. Luckily for them, Samsung has produced a range of webinars focusing on this very aspect. You can learn about Knox Mobile Enrollment to see how Samsung works with AirWatch to bulk enroll and manage your organization’s fleet of devices.

You can learn how to secure your enterprise data with Samsung Knox or discover how Samsung Knox and BlackBerry can help you optimize your mobile security solution. Learning to better understand the major vulnerabilities that currently exist — and more importantly, how to deal with them — is invaluable.

3. Samsung Business Television

As well as a host of webinars to choose from, Samsung has a dedicated business video series, SBTV, where host Reid Estreicher digs into the latest tools and techniques for business. The video series ranges from informational demonstrations to hands-on how-to segments.

Among the recently published videos are a number on how to leverage the power of Samsung’s DeX, the docking station that lets you transform your smartphone into a desktop-like environment. You can also learn how to build DeX-optimized apps and use DeX to improve productivity.

4. Hackathon Website

Of course, the official website for the hackathon is a one-stop shop for information about the event, from practical details like timing and location to information about the judging panel, what prizes will be awarded and most importantly — how to register.

Have you RSVP’d yet? If not, head to the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Hackathon registration page to RSVP and get access to the latest Samsung technology.

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