Manage Your Employees More Effectively By Switching to the Galaxy Note8

For small businesses, spending every dollar wisely is critical to the long-term future of your business, and choosing the right technology can be the difference between just staying in business and continuing to grow. By making the right choices, technology can not only help you manage your employees, but also makes it easier to scale your business when you have to.

Ticking all these boxes is the Galaxy Note8, a smartphone that will not only make your employees more productive, flexible and efficient thanks to the powerful hardware and intuitive software, but will also make it easier to control how these devices are used and ensure that any sensitive data or networks they access are as secure as possible.

Here are just some of the easily deployable solutions that administrators at smaller companies can use by switching to the Note8:

DeX Integration and VDI

For small businesses, removing the need to buy a laptop and smartphone for an employee — and instead purchasing just a single device — has huge cost-saving potential. With the Note8, that possibility is now a reality. Not only can mobile workers use the large screen, built-in stylus and multitasking software to get work done on their smartphones, but when they reach the office, the Note8 can instantly transforms into a fully-fledged desktop experience.

Small businesses need to be flexible when it comes to where their employees work, as hot-desking and remote working are becoming increasingly common. With the Samsung DeX station, once an employee has their smartphone with them, they can quickly switch from mobile to desktop mode – with all the advantages that a keyboard, mouse and monitor bring.

For businesses operating on a VDI platform, the DeX station acts as a client with the ability to employ numerous apps for email and productivity. Users get a full Windows desktop experience with fullly-functional productivity solutions like Microsoft Office, in addition to desktop-optimized Android apps. In DeX mode the Galaxy Note8 runs VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) clients from Citrix, VMware and Amazon Workspaces.

For administrators, Galaxy Note8 +DeX is a highly scalable solution, which allows you to easily manage your employees across multiple locations while ensuring the security of your network.

A Day in the Life With the Note8

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Dual Camera

The Dual Camera on the Note8 is the perfect business tool. Thanks to the dual 12-megapixel lens on the rear of the smartphone, you can take professional-looking images and video instantly. For small businesses who have a lot of professionals in the field and need the ability to take, edit and share high-quality images and video, this feature means you don’t have to buy expensive camera equipment.

With the 2x optical zoom, you can take closer, sharper photos with much higher quality than digital zoom — and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both lenses means less blur, even when zoomed in. The new Live Focus mode enables users to crisp, stunning images with optional blurred background (Bokeh) effect. Bixby Vision also promises to make workflows more efficient by quickly recognizing QR or UPC codes as well as enabling instant text translation, scanning business cards and showing location information.

Secure Folder

Today, no one wants to have to carry around both a work and personal phone and have to constantly switch back and forth between apps. As well as being inefficient, it’s also a security risk to mix personal apps with work data and networks. But thanks to Samsung’s Secure Folder on the Note8, businesses need no longer worry about this problem.

Secure Folder leverages the enterprise-grade security offered by the Samsung Knox platform, including data encryption, and allows users to easily create a secure area on their phone to store work data and keep it separate from personal data — or vice versa.

Apps installed in Secure Folder can be set to require an additional layer of protection, and users can set a PIN, password, pattern or biometric authentication method, such as fingerprint or iris scanning.

Smart Switch

What the administrator of a small organization does not need is additional complexity when switching from one technology to another. Transitioning to the Note8 could not be easier thanks to Samsung’s Smart Switch. The intuitive software allows administrators to easily transfer all content from an older device — whether its Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone — onto the new Galaxy Note8.

The system allows you to transfer everything from messages and photos to calendar events and apps. You can even transfer device settings such as Wi-Fi passwords, call history, memos, alarms and wallpapers. Once completed, employees can pick up right where they left off.

For small businesses, every decision about new technology is crucial. Make a mistake and you limit your ability to grow, but get it right and you can help your business flourish. Ensuring you deploy scalable technology that allows you manage your employees easily is key to making the right decision.

Discover more ways that the Galaxy Note8 can bring a new level of productivity to your enterprise.

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