As the deadline for the ELD mandate update approaches, small fleets and owner-operators are looking for solutions that deliver compliance but won’t break their budget.

Operating on tight margins, these small companies have to make the right decision to keep their trucks on the road. Without deep IT support, small fleets are looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution that their drivers will love.

While many device makers and app developers are scrambling to grab a piece of the multimillion-dollar ELD market, small fleets don’t have the time to act as beta testers for unproven technology. Fleets that rely on basic smartphone apps and BYOD policies for hours-of-service tracking may find those cut-rate solutions can cause potentially costly headaches down the road.

Bundled solutions from proven industry leaders are an attractive solution for many small operators. That’s why Samsung, Magellan and RAM Mounts have partnered to offer an ELD bundle that delivers a packaged solution.

A New Industry Solution

The Samsung and Magellan bundle includes a durable, secure Samsung Galaxy tablet, a mount, charger and case, as well as a Magellan Truck Navigation software license. The easy-to-use hours of service app complies with the ELD mandate update requirements and includes GPS navigation to support fleet management tracking. Users pay one upfront cost rather than being locked into monthly service and equipment lease fees.

“You own the device, and it’s an open device so you can do with it what you want, so we’re putting a lot of power back in the hands of end users,” said Mark Perini, Magellan’s vice president of fleet solutions.

The FMCSA-certified Samsung and Magellan bundle is available with cellular connectivity for the largest wireless providers. The bundle contains the hardware for mounting, including the telematics dongle from Magellan, that connects to the truck’s ECM or diagnostic port. A driver could complete a do-it-yourself installation, or work with a reseller or truck maintenance shop for professional installation. The solution is widely available through popular resellers.

Fleet Management Tracking

Once installed, the Magellan solution offers a management portal so fleet manager can track drivers’ hours of service. They can assign trips based on drivers’ available hours, and send reminders to drivers to take a break when they get close to the limit.

Secure Operations

In addition to durable, easy-to-use devices, the Samsung Knox security platform offers a defense-grade security environment that supports business and personal use while drivers are on-the-road. Knox Manage is an option for smaller fleets featuring simple device management via a cloud-based platform supported by an on-device secure container.

The Knox Workspace option creates enterprise-level security using encrypted secure containers. The phone or tablet can function as a fleet management tracking device, and also as a personal entertainment and communication device when the driver is off duty.

Recruiting Advantage

As fleets face ongoing recruiting challenges, offering up-to-date technology in the cab can attract a new population of drivers and also improve driver retention. If a driver recruit sees an outdated, hard to use device wired into the cab, it might not project the right company image. Compare that with hopping into a cab equipped with a Samsung device and Magellan software that the driver can use to simplify paperwork processing and even use for personal tasks.

Overall, for small fleets and owner-operators, the Samsung and Magellan ELD bundle offers a high level of value from trusted brands in the package that’s easy to install and operate. It also makes it easier for companies to implement an organization-wide, compliant solution that provides both the software and hardware out-of-the-box.

“It creates a whole different impression, and it’s going to be a better and safer experience for the driver to use something like that versus the old-fashioned solutions that are out there,” Perini said.

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