Managing a retail environment is a challenging and complex job with long hours. As a store manager, you’re responsible for ordering inventory, coordinating personnel, maintaining financial records and dealing with customer complaints. And when you’re short on staff, you often have to fill the void by spending much of your day on the sales floor, but still in a management capacity.

It can be challenging to effectively do your job at the back desk, especially when your expertise is required on the floor. Today, tablets offer the ability to get out of the office more often and access information from anywhere in the store.

But as a manager, you at times still need a full keyboard for heavy data entry and timesheets, and processing power for applications like payroll and reporting. A 2-in-1 device like Samsung’s Galaxy Book can enable you to more seamlessly move between your desk and storefront while consolidating all important information into the palm of your hand.

Addressing Many Tasks With a 2-in-1 Device

Chances are you’re already using both a tablet and a laptop. Tablets are being deployed by many retailers to enhance customer service, offer real-time access to inventory and save the sale. A recent survey from DMI found that more 77 percent shoppers use their mobile devices in the store to help make decisions, and it’s expected that associates and managers have the same capabilities.

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But constantly jumping from a tablet to your laptop can be cumbersome, and adds unnecessary time to your workflow. A 2-in-1 can be used for nearly all retail management tasks including processing payroll, note-taking, capturing photos, writing reports, inventory counts and display design.

In the back office, it can be used as a fully functional notebook to write reports, send emails and access powerful retail software applications. That same device can then be converted into a touch-screen tablet that can be taken to the sales floor to help a customer, access item information, perform an inventory count or even serve as a mobile POS device.

Enterprise-Grade Devices for the Retail Store Manager

A 2-in-1 simplifies things by moving all of your productivity needs and applications to one single device.

Galaxy Book for Business is an enterprise-grade 2-in-1 that can bring a high level of mobile productivity to any retail manager. It runs Windows 10 Pro and features a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor to run advanced and proprietary retail management systems.

High-resolution cameras also make it convenient to capture images of store displays and integrate scanning applications. It also comes equipped with an S Pen for quick note-taking on the go.

The Galaxy Book has a generous 12-inch display, making it easy to view spreadsheets or inventory photos without strain on the eyes. You can also zoom in to inspect products in detail.

You can also stay seamlessly connected with additional devices through Samsung Flow to easily share files, access your phone’s hotspot when on the go, or even respond to text messages. This creates an uninterrupted workflow, offering the flexibility to perform any managerial duty from anywhere in the store.

With a battery life of up to 11 hours, it has enough power to run while you’re walking the floor and running applications, and won’t leave you tethered to an outlet.

From the back office to the sales floor, a 2-in-1 can not only improve efficiency but offers new opportunities to streamline your workflow, get out from behind the desk more often and focus on creating a more personalized retail experience for today’s consumer.

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