You’ve probably heard the phrase “big data.” While big data simply refers to the ability to access a wealth of information, none of that information has been particularly actionable. Until now.

With connected spaces, retailers now have access to actionable data, according to Diane Ashby, senior enterprise business development manager at Samsung Electronics America.

One of the unique advantages offered by connected spaces compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores is the opportunity to gauge what customers think in terms of the merchandise that interests them, Ashby said at this year’s NRF conference.

In a connected space, every technological device inside the store communicates with each other, so you develop a rich sense of who’s in your store, what they’re looking at — and what they’re buying.

Samsung Connected Spaces let retailers capitalize on the benefits of connected spaces with heightened efficiency. Ashby refers to them as “pop-ups in a box” because they can be set up in as few as 90 days. These spaces operate as a service, so you can rent them by the week, enabling you to quickly move and implement them — and leverage the data from them faster.

Samsung Connected Spaces can also help you make decisions and resolve issues by arming you with a store of data that’s usable, actionable and readily available.

Watch the video above to learn more about how these pop-ups can help you better serve your customers.