Ever wonder how a retailer properly plans and executes a pop-up shop?

We spoke with Ian Hutchinson, Lead for Pop-up Store Solutions at Samsung Electronics America, and Steffen Schenk, Business Unit Director at Barrows, at NRF 2018 about how to do just that.

First Steps

What should companies consider when evaluating a pop-up shop?

“Location, location, location,” Hutchinson said.

The first thing companies need to find out is where they want to be. After location, Hutchinson recommends that businesses determine whether they have the resources and staff to deploy a pop-up.

You want your staff to be trained as a brand to transfer knowledge to consumers and create experiences. Concerns about whether the technology works or whether the items have arrived are better left for another company to figure out.

Samsung Connected Spaces

“Samsung is passionate about doing anything to help the consumer have a more frictionless experience,” Hutchinson said. “But to start with that, we need to enable the retailer.”

“It’s all about the experience,” said Schenk. “What kind of experience do I want to provide, and what is the purpose of my pop-up?”

With Samsung Connected Spaces, retailers can:

  • Dramatically reduce the time to market to as short as 90 days
  • React to emerging trends within the sales season
  • Continually change messaging and designs at low costs

Most importantly, retailers can count on Samsung as a brand to support what they’re doing so they can focus on best serving their customers.

Watch the video above to learn more about how to get the most out of your retail pop-up.