Samsung unveiled a groundbreaking new service for retailers at National Retail Federation’s 2018 BIG Show: Samsung Connected Spaces, a pop-up store solution. The marketplace was intrigued by the idea of an all-in-one, IoT-ready pop-up shop solution that can give retailers access to loads of in-store data about what’s happening in “data dark” physical spaces.

Dealerscope, a publication devoted to reporting on the latest products and strategies for consumer technology retailing, decided to take a deeper look. In a wide-ranging Q&A with Ian Hutchinson, lead for Connected Spaces at Samsung Electronics America, and Jessica Mok, solutions marketing & partnership manager at Samsung SDS America, the story answers retailers’ most probing questions about how they can leverage this new tool, including:

  • How retailers can use the Connected Spaces pop-up store to gain e-commerce-like insights into customer visits to their stores.
  • The types of business challenges and retail settings where Connected Spaces work best.
  • How Connected Spaces reduces risk, lowers cost and increases knowledge for retailers experimenting in the marketplace.

With Connected Spaces, Samsung and its partner, Barrows Global, unleashed a powerful new tool that brings many of the data-driven advantages of e-commerce to physical retail.

Check out the Dealerscope story to see what else retailers need to know about the benefits of Connected Spaces.