The rise of online and mobile banking has retail bank operations managers rethinking the role of the brick-and-mortar experience. At CES 2018, we spoke to Julie Godfrey, manager of finance solutions and innovation at Samsung Electronics America, about the future of the branch.

Advancing Innovation

According to Godfrey, the future bank branch reflects three big trends that we’ve already started to see in the retail space:

  • Equipping employees with new technology
  • Connecting with customers through personalization
  • Deploying new innovations quickly

“Wearable technology is a discrete way to communicate between employees,” said Godfrey. “[When an] employee has a hands-free experience, they can concentrate and focus on a customer.”

Beyond the Branch

What happens if a specialist isn’t at the bank the day a customer visits?

According to Godfrey, remote video conferencing ensures that associates are available wherever and whenever customers need them. The solution is secure and enables bankers to digitally share documents back and forth to easily collaborate with clients.

And as we dive further into the digital future, we will see retail convergence nearly everywhere in branch banking.

“We’re seeing banks think about who they are as a brand,” said Godfrey. “[They’re taking] the best practices of retail into banks.”

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