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The Federal IT Community Spoke — Now Let’s Act

This week’s Federal Innovation Summit was a great opportunity to renew discussion and drive collaboration around some of the biggest technology challenges facing the federal government. Those challenges are complex, which is why we wanted to use the event as a springboard for problem-solving and furthering the narrative.

In the spirit of encouraging an open and ongoing dialogue, I wanted to share some highlights from the day, as well as responses from the community that I encourage us all to build upon. We look forward to continuing to navigate these challenges and opportunities with you, and Samsung will be scheduling smaller working groups throughout the year on specific topics to continue this momentum and field real solutions.

Federal Innovation Summit Highlights

Matt Lira, special assistant to the president for innovation policy and initiatives, Office of American Innovation, Executive Office of the President kicked off the event with a discussion on the long-term view for modernizing government and the pressure to evolve as technology continues to change. In particular, he pointed out the need to keep the community involved in reminding stakeholders why innovation and modernization are critical and need to remain non-partisan.

Tony Scott, former U.S. CIO, Executive Office of the President, also echoed that he was encouraged by IT modernization progress, but that the industry needs to continue pushing for the proper appropriations.

The potential of immersive training was a big overarching theme at the event. Lessons learned from the gaming space were emphasized along with the power of machine learning and AI to build more realistic and real-time interactive training modules.

Mobile security was also a key challenge discussed throughout the day. The need to evolve security approaches as new technologies — such as wearables, IoT, cars and beyond — emerge was a key point made by various speakers throughout the day.

The security discussion also led to talks around productivity and how agencies can use mobile tools to get work done closer to the mission edge. The talent gap was raised as a concern, particularly around how to address the needs of an increasingly millennial workforce.

We want to hear from you, so keep the discussion going by tweeting us at @SamsungBizUSA. Learn more about how Samsung is helping government leaders stay ahead of the pace of change and innovate.

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