Ten years into the smartphone era, many organizations are still struggling to effectively leverage mobile to drive workforce productivity. I recently sat down with Eric McCarty, Samsung’s vice president of mobile product marketing, to discuss this unique challenge.

“We know from a recent study from Frost & Sullivan that employees are seeing a 34 percent increase in productivity by using smartphones throughout the day, and we see that as a great jumping [off] point,” McCarty said. “When you combine that with something like [Samsung] DeX that drives the desktop experience and moves the user toward replacing a laptop, it creates a nice opportunity to increase productivity but still have an environment where IT can drive control and manageability.”

Introducing the Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition

According to McCarty, this is why Samsung introduced the Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition alongside the new Galaxy S9 phone.

“The key features we’re focused on with our enterprise customers are the Enterprise FOTA capabilities, which allow them to manage when and how they get software updates to the device, [as well as] our Knox Configure capabilities, which allows them to customize the experience on the device,” said McCarty. With Knox Configure, he added, “you can manage how these devices are deployed to a larger group of users.”

So what does this mean for businesses, and why is this so important to consider?

“At the end of the day, it’s really [about] saving time and money and driving productivity for the IT organization,” McCarty said.

In addition to the cost savings, IT departments are able to create a consistent experience for end users and their teams. As we all know, the end user is the top priority — even if it was your company who bought and supplied the phone.

Enterprise Edition in Business

A unique aspect of the Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition is that it’s an unlocked phone, which means it’s not tied to a carrier.

This is a great benefit for people working in industries like healthcare and retail. If the people using the phones have access to Wi-Fi, they may not need a voice or data plan to get their jobs done productively.

The take-home point here, according to McCarty, is that “it’s really about options.” Businesses and their IT departments want the ability to customize what is best for their organizations, and with the Enterprise Edition, they can do just that.

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