The volume of mission data is increasing at a faster rate than ever before, and federal IT leaders need to not only securely view and access this data, but validate its veracity. While at AFCEA West 2018 in San Diego, I spoke with HARMAN’s Jon Parker about the latest audiovisual applications that are helping to solve this problem.

“We’ve brought about a new security enhancement within our controllers and touch panels,” said Parker. “It’s the best in the business and a firmware update, so you just have to update your firmware and you’re good to go.”

These solutions address many of the challenges agency leaders face. They make the lives of your IT department easier from a security and manageability standpoint, and the user-friendly interface makes it simple to access the critical information you need so that the organization can remain focused on driving effective mission outcomes.

“The ease of use has not been lost, [even with the high security]. That’s the first thing we want to have — ease of use inside the system for whoever is at the controls,” said Parker.

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