Pain management is a big topic of conversation in the healthcare industry right now, especially as providers and companies look for alternative ways to help patients without relying solely on medications.

This month at HIMMS 2018, I spoke with AccendoWave CEO Martha Lawrence about how her company is providing people with a drug-free alternative.

“AccendoWave is a machine learning technology company that objectively measures pain and helps manage pain,” said Lawrence. “By partnering with Samsung, we’ve been able to use their tablets in a hospital setting.”

Using AccendoWave, a patient in a hospital can view all different types of content on the Samsung tablet. From quick game show clips to videos of adorable puppies, the tablet lights up based on your brainwaves and can tell the type of videos or movies that help your body relax and even feel less anxious.

“The content changes based on your brain waves,” added Lawrence. “So whatever reduces your pain, you see more of it.”

It’s promising to see solutions in the hospital and healthcare industry that can help patients feel better without always having to turn to pain medications.

Watch the video to learn more about AccendoWave and Samsung’s pain management technology.