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Make the Most of Enterprise Phones and Tablets With Device Configuration

Smartphones have become incredibly powerful and useful business tools, but that means managing these pocket supercomputers has also become much more complex for the enterprise. Giving administrators back the power to easily control how these devices are used is critical for the efficient running of any large enterprise, and Samsung’s Knox Configure promises to do just that.

Solidifying device configurations ensures corporate-liable devices don’t leak information or expose the company to security vulnerabilities. Whether it’s a few dozen or a few thousand — Samsung Knox Configure can make your life easier. For those choosing the Galaxy Note8 or Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition, this powerful tool comes bundled as part of the deal.

Configured Right Out of the Box

What exactly does device configuration mean? With Knox Configure, it means being able to control and customize almost every aspect of the device. It gives you granular control over what features your employees can and cannot access on their smartphones and tablets, ensuring that you can set up each device suited for each employee’s level of security clearance or company role. It also allows you to provision content and apps, disable other preloaded apps or bloatware, or even rebrand the device with a custom boot animation.

Essentially, Knox Configure allows the mobility manager to create a gold master image that is automatically applied to end users’ smartphone or tablet. Once device lists are uploaded to the portal, admins can assign predefined profiles to some or all of the devices, tailoring them to various business needs. When the employee turns on the phone for the first time, the phone automatically applies the specified profile configuration, without making your employees go through all the usual setup wizards or other complicated steps.

For IT managers, this means they don’t have to waste time manually configuring each device, while end users simply have to turn on their phone and it’s ready to go.

All About Access Control

Among the most important settings on any smartphone or tablet is how it connects to the outside world. Connectivity is necessary for improving productivity and, for standard employee usage, there would rarely be a reason to turn off this access. However, in certain circumstances, where employees are accessing highly sensitive information, limiting access to the outside world may be a necessity to ensure security.

That’s why Knox Configure allows you control everything from Wi-Fi to setting up mobile network APN configurations. You can turn off GPS, Bluetooth and NFC, or even enable Flight Mode. While these may be extreme measures to take, for specialist industry use cases or employees handling sensitive data, these are vital controls.

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Knox Configure also ensures that whatever configuration is set up, your employees won’t have the capability to reverse it through a factory reset. This helps maintain a level of control over how data flows in and out of your network, and more crucially, who has access.

That’s only the beginning. Almost every aspect of the mobile device’s features can be configured or preset. This can be helpful for minimizing employee interference with device settings, or if the device is in a consumer-facing role such as a self-serve kiosk. By preventing certain features from being tampered with, you can reduce the potential for security vulnerabilities. The phone or tablet can be factory reset remotely in the case the device is stolen and you can prevent files from being copied to an SD Card or USB storage to stop data leaks.

Knox Configure has the ability to restrict access to the microphone, camera or any other recording capability — such as screen capture — for devices that are being used in highly sensitive areas. SMS and MMS message access can even be locked down for limited communication.

Flexibility for Multi-Users

In some situations, enterprise smartphones and tablets are used by multiple people, which raises a number of issues for those tackling device configuration.

However, with Knox Shared Device, you can give multiple users access the same device without sharing data. Individual settings, accounts, applications and policies are exclusively applied to a single user account. Data does not pass between employees and is cleared when the user logs out.

Each employee can log in to a separate account with their Active Directory credentials and manage their own unique set of files and apps.

For any enterprise making a significant investment in new technology, it is critical that they have all of the information in order to make the most of it. And when it comes to security, it is important to establish employees can only access necessary data and features when they need it — something that starts with the right device configuration setup.

Get a look at how Samsung’s enterprise edition smartphones, bundled with Knox Configure, can help mobile managers save time and increase security.

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