Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or wearable, attackers are looking to invade mobile devices with malicious intent. And when that mobile device is connected to a company’s data, email attacks that can deposit malware at the click of a link are the easiest and most efficient ways for hackers to take hold of a device and its information.

This practice is called phishing – the use of email messages to disseminate virus-filled software to whichever device the user happens to operate when clicking a malicious link. This is becoming a bigger problem with each passing year for two reasons: mobility and the ability to access email and other online information from the palm of a user’s hand is simpler than ever; and businesses are now relying on mobile devices to enhance productivity for their employees.

It’s a perfect storm of risk for IT administrators and security professionals.

Learn more about phishing, malware, and why training and Samsung Knox are the perfect combination to ensure employees don’t lose in a game only the bad guys want to play.