It’s time to make security a priority for your entire business, not just IT.

If that sounds daunting to you, you’re not alone. Transitioning from the “old” mobile world of authorized users and applications to the “new” mobile reality is a struggle for many IT leaders. The sheer number of mobile devices on the market and the growth of corporate policies like BYOD require the development of a security plan that allows workers to be productive while keeping company data safe.

In this episode, you’ll hear from experts about the technology solutions and strategies they use to strike that delicate balance between supporting business growth and securely managing their organization’s devices. As a bonus, leverage this mobile cost calculator to obtain a detailed analysis of how much you should be spending on mobile for your business.

Podcast guests:

  • John Hill, CIO of Carhartt (@JohnHill90)
  • Mickey Panayiotakis, Partner and Technical Director at Infamia (@InfamiaR)

Don’t miss these discussion topics:

2:58 The most important elements of digital transformation in the enterprise right now
5:15 Advice on breaking down silos between IT and other corporate departments
9:20 How to decide which device policy is right for your business
12:53   The most exciting mobile opportunities and concerning challenges
16:58   The risk of a mobile breach
18:30   Most common risk factors
23:30   How to scale your mobile security strategy
28:53   Mobile wins/lessons learned
31:00   The top 3 factors of any mobile security strategy
35:39   Remaining focused as a leader
36:55    Purchasing the right devices
40:00   The future of security over the next 10 years

Books and events recommended in this episode:

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