Did you know the Galaxy is almost a decade old? If you stumbled onto this quiz and aren’t quite sure why that would even be up for debate, tread carefully, because you’re in Samsung territory now!

From the very beginning, the Samsung Galaxy Note has been about creating a powerful smartphone that lets users do more while mobile. The core value proposition of the Note has remained the same — a large-format smartphone with the powerful S Pen stylus — but the series has also introduced a number of other firsts and innovative productivity features. This has continued with the Galaxy Note9 with the introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity on the S Pen, enabling it to act not just as a pen but as a remote control too.

Think you’re the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note Nerd? Want to hone your skills and learn the evolution of this productivity-focused smartphone line? Test out your knowledge on our trivia quiz, and see just how far we’ve come — all the way from the beginning of the Galaxy to present day!

Learn how the Note9 can power mobility, power productivity and power your business.