One of the most exciting advancements in police technology is DeX from Samsung. DeX is short for “desktop experience” and the name is instructive: DeX transforms a smartphone into a powerful and efficient desktop computer.

Forward-thinking police leaders have recognized that DeX has the potential to revolutionize police computing. By leveraging the computing power of a smartphone and combining that with a dedicated keyboard and display, DeX can eliminate the need for the expensive in-car computer that occupies today’s patrol cars.

“The phone is becoming the critical technology tool for public safety officials, and DeX enables officers to use their Galaxy smartphone as a laptop replacement in the vehicle and in the station,” explains Reginald Jones, Samsung’s director of public sector sales and solutions. “Mobile phones are more than just communication devices. They’re valuable public safety tools in terms of flexibility, security, efficiency and workplace productivity.”

With the DeX-in-vehicle solution, the transition from a desktop experience inside the patrol car to accessing secure data in real-time while on the move, outside the vehicle, and then back in the station at the desk, is seamless.

An officer can use the smartphone in the field for query or evidence collection, then dock the device in the patrol vehicle to support computer-aided dispatch and geolocation functions. At the end of the patrol shift, the officer can go back to the station and connect the same smartphone to a monitor and keyboard in the report writing room. In essence, one device supports mission-essential operations in-field, in-car and in-station.

“Getting officers out of their vehicles and on foot is a critical component of modern police work,” explains Jones. “Samsung also connects agencies to a rich ecosystem, including the top computer-aided dispatch providers.”

A number of these partners have already optimized their CAD solutions for the DeX platform.

The sheer utility of the smartphone has already proven invaluable to law enforcement operations. DeX extends the smartphone functionality to a new level, supporting police operations regardless of environment.

“DeX offers a better return on investment all around,” says Jones. “It provides more flexibility and more security at a lower cost. The phone is the center point for public safety and using DeX offers the ultimate in mobility while being a powerful force multiplier for law enforcement officers.”

How much can your agency benefit from going mobile-first? Use our calculator to see how much you could save by leveraging Samsung DeX, or learn more with this free white paper from the Public Safety Network.