In the past, digital signage was like a vampire: it died in the sunlight. But new ultra-bright display solutions are now allowing brands to take the message outside.

While at InfoComm 2018, I talked with Samsung’s Shari Sentlowitz about some of the innovative new high-brightness displays. According to Sentlowitz, when it comes to purchasing outdoor displays, there are some unique considerations.

“First and foremost, outdoor displays need to be weatherproof,” Sentlowitz said. “These Samsung displays are IP56-rated, which means they are certified to be outdoors in any weather condition — whether it’s hot, cold, raining [or] snowing.”

And it’s not just weather that needs to be considered. They need to stand up to other elements, such as emissions from cars.

Brightness is a key factor to think about as well. While Samsung has had high-brightness displays for several years, there are industries that are adopting this technology faster than others.

“Our fastest growing area for outdoor displays is quick service restaurants,” Sentlowitz said. From outdoor menus to targeted promotions or even order confirmation displays, this is a sector that is anticipated to expand in coming years.

In order to fully reap the benefits of digital signage, developing a Total Cost of Ownership model is essential.