IoT Wearables Bring Greater Operational Efficiency to Magna’s Factory

Automotive parts manufacturer Magna International’s Ontario, Canada plant must compete with low-cost alternatives both internally and externally around the world. To stay competitive and attract new customers, the plant needed to reduce manufacturing waste and improve profitability.

By using Samsung Internet of Things (IoT) wearables and digitizing processes centered around the Gear S3 smartwatch, the plant has been able to make waste more visible — making it easier to reduce. Additionally, by moving from a paper-based ecosystem to a digital one, the plant has been able to tap into large streams of data which they can use to improve their decision-making and eliminate lag time on areas that need immediate attention.

In addition to the wearables, the plant is also using Samsung tablets with facial recognition to identify and authenticate operators running the different stations. This ensures that the right products are getting made by the right people at the right time, supporting quality control and efficiency simultaneously.

Watch the video to see how Magna International is using Samsung IoT wearables to improve operational efficiency.

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