From smartphones to wearables and beacons to digital signage, there’s no shortage of touch points within the Internet of Things (IoT). But when it comes to solving real business problems, the speed of technological change and complexity of solutions can be daunting. It requires clear thinking, the right platforms and a laser focus on business outcomes to succeed.

“We’re taking a problem-solution approach to the challenge of IoT,” said Ed Abrams, vice president of IoT enterprise solutions at Samsung, during a rooftop Q&A in New York this summer. “We start with that approach, and then we supply the kit of technologies to allow ourselves and our customers to solve those problems.”

And when it comes to problem-solving, Abrams is thinking big — and small.

“The keys to success are to think holistically about what you want to do. Start small with proof of concepts and trials so that you can ensure that the solution you are building not only solves the problem, but that it integrates easily with your current IoT ecosystem and it delivers value back to your enterprise.”

Watch more from my interview with Abrams — including how industries like healthcare and hospitality are benefiting from IoT — in this video.