There has been a shift in global economic activity, with mobile and other technologies driving this disruption. It’s a time when only businesses that are open — to new ideas, new ways of working and new partnerships — will thrive.

At Samsung, we’ve coined the expression “Next Mobile Economy” as a shorthand for how new and emerging technologies are going to change business in ways we may not even be able to grasp today.

We believe the Next Mobile Economy is a revolution for business. From the continual rise of mobile workers to the growing demand for customized mobile solutions to the need for better security and collaboration in business, this new era represents a huge opportunity to stake a claim in this still uncharted territory.

So how do you compete in this new environment? How do you not just meet the challenge but use this shift to change your business for the better? The future is ‘open’ – ‘open systems’ and a more open approach to business will prevail in the Next Mobile Economy. ‘Closed systems’ are too rigid, slow to incorporate new technologies and connect to IoT.

The four pillars of the Next Mobile Economy are:

  • Open Collaboration: Partnering with businesses, suppliers and developers to create the best business solutions.
  • Open Customization: Mobile solutions across hardware and software that can be tailored to meet specific business needs.
  • Open yet Controlled: Allowing employees to work in a flexible manner, whilst balance the need for companies to maintain control of devices.
  • Open yet Secure: Enabling companies embrace the speed of today’s global economy whilst maintaining a grip on confidential data.

In this guide we share of some of our customers’ successes and best practice stories for the Next Mobile Economy.

Prepare Your Business for the Next Mobile Economy

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