Frequent flyers (like yours truly) often purchase snacks or meals while in the air. But have you ever taken the time to think about how that purchase requires a totally different security system to keep your information as safe as a regular transaction on the ground?

While at the Samsung Aviation Symposium earlier this year, I spoke with Mark Howden, Samsung’s global enterprise service director, about specific mobile point of sale (mPOS) needs while on an airplane.

“For aviation, they need something that’s ruggedized and extremely secure, because their customers’ payment information is going into the device, and you need to make sure that’s never going to be hacked,” said Howden. “In addition, we need to make sure it’s an efficient solution, so you can scan, move on to the next customer [and] get through the aisles quickly.”

It’s worth reminding yourself that a flight attendant is essentially running a store from 30,000 feet in the air — while also making sure passengers can access the restroom at the front or rear of the plane and simultaneously navigating a drink cart! Talk about working on the fly.

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