This year at BlizzCon, attendees and PC gaming enthusiasts had the chance to learn first-hand how Samsung solid state drive (SSD) products fit into top-of-the-line gaming systems.

While at Samsung Game Night, we asked industry experts and executives how they think gaming and SSD technology will evolve over the next five years.

“The gaming industry is really benefitting from a massive amount of power that happening on the PC,” said Chris Geiser, head of U.S. SSD sales at Samsung Electronics America. “CPUs, storage and SSDs are becoming faster and more powerful. Companies are looking to create more virtual environments and add more players to compete against each other.”

A shift is also making its way to the industry. For older generations, gaming was far from a popular pastime — but that’s starting to change as young gamers grow up and start families. With games becoming more mainstream and social, it’s not uncommon to live in a house with multiple consoles and powerful PCs.

Andrew Elias, product manager/technical marketing at XOTIC PC Inc., thinks that the overlap between generations that grew up with gaming and their families will continue to propel the space forward.

“The industry is really booming in gaming. A lot of people, like my parents, didn’t come from gaming,” Elias said. “But now, my kids and my friend’s kids are all getting into gaming. [Families and households] are taking gaming and playing together — making PC gaming a whole family activity.”

Do you agree? How do you see the gaming industry evolving over the next five years?

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