Solid state drives (SSDs) have come a long way from the bulky, expensive drives we saw 10 years ago. Today, SSD technology is powering many of the computers we use every day at home, in the office and, of course, while we’re gaming.

Gaming influencer Trisha Hershberger spoke with Wesley Ruscher, associate public relations manager from NZXT, at Samsung Gaming Night. They discussed how gamers can make the right decisions when building a new PC to get the most out of these powerful new drives.

“For gamers, [the greatest advancement in SSD technology is] definitively performance. For graphics, they want the latest and greatest graphics cards; they want the fastest SSDs that are going to load their games faster and get them into the game even quicker,” Ruscher said.

There are many storage options on the market, but the two biggest things to consider when choosing a specific storage solution are speed and reliability.

“You see a big performance improvement when you’re playing against other people. You’re dropping into a Fortnite map before anyone else,” he added.

Designing products with gamers in mind is a core mission for both Samsung and NZXT. Purpose-built drives deliver quality gaming experiences and eliminate bottlenecks. As SSDs continue to improve, emerging possibilities will continue to drive the gaming industry forward.

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