From solid state drives (SSDs) to random access memory (RAM) to monitors, Samsung has been a go-to name for gamers, whether they’re building their own machines or picking parts online.

At Samsung Game Night, Trisha Hershberger spoke with Samsung’s Richard Leonarz, director of product marketing, and Chris Geiser, head of U.S. SSD Sales, about Samsung’s history in the gaming space and how they’re transforming storage solutions.

“Samsung is the number one manufacturer for SSDs in the gaming industry. We’ve been in the market for a long time and are really creating solutions that the customers love,” Leonarz said. “[Gamers] go out of their way to call out a Samsung SSD when they want to build a custom gaming rig.”

Gamers are known for their do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasm. They want the most reliable technology for their custom devices, and when it comes to storage solutions, they’re using Samsung SSDs.

“[Top PC builders] are selecting the highest quality components, and obviously they’re using the Samsung SSD inside of [their devices],” Geiser explained. “[Prebuilt PCs] have great build quality and can do a lot of custom things that the average DIY consumer may not be comfortable with.”

Samsung offers consumers the best of both worlds by making their SSDs readily available to DIY gamers looking to build their own devices, as well as non-DIY gamers looking for a prebuilt PC. Top manufacturers are using Samsung SSDs in their prebuilt gaming devices, allowing non-DIY gamers to take advantage of the powerful storage solution.

“Samsung is a big company with lots of products that really fit within the gaming environment,” Leonarz said.

Gamers and PC manufacturers rely on Samsung for their gaming technology. With gaming monitors, mobile devices, virtual reality (VR) gear, SSDs, dynamic RAM (DRAM) and other computing products available, Samsung continues to grow as a major player in the gaming space.

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