When you’re building a new PC, it’s imperative to get compatible components that will power your games, even if you’re on a tight budget. Selecting the right gaming technology can be overwhelming, especially for new gamers, as there are various features to take into consideration.

While at Samsung’s Game Night, we asked Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and cofounder of ORIGIN PC, about the most important features new gamers should look for when building a custom PC.

“If you’re very new to gaming PCs and want to build your budget around what you’re looking for, of course graphics are going to be important,” Wasielewski said. “Another very important thing is, of course, your SSD.”

Solid state drives (SSDs) affect the overall speed and performance of your device. With a powerful SSD, you can expect your device to load and install games faster, enhancing the experience.

“You want to work your budget around performance and longevity,” Wasielewski explained. “You should also look for upgradability.”

Samsung is constantly pushing out upgraded technology to improve the gaming experience. Gamers should take these upgrades into consideration by prioritizing upgradeability and ensuring that the components within their devices can be replaced. In turn, this will guarantee that the device has greater longevity, as the components can be replaced for the most up-to-date performance and speed.

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