Solid state drive (SSD) technology has changed quite a bit over the past few years. The once bulky and expensive drives have undergone big advancements, opening the door to more modern, affordable and efficient storage solutions.

While at Samsung Game Night, we met with gaming experts to discuss the evolution of storage solutions and to get insight on what we can expect from SSDs in the future.

“With SSDs, we’ve had fast speeds and we’ve had higher storage amounts coming through for us,” XOTIC PC’s Andrew Elias said. “I think we’re going to find new approaches when it comes to software and games, and how they can utilize both of those together to then actually get a better experience that we haven’t tried before.”

When it comes to SSDs, innovation doesn’t stop. Manufacturers are continuously coming up with new ways to improve storage solutions for consumers to ensure the best gaming experience possible.

“I think a lot is going to change with manufacturing. You know, making SSDs cheaper and also standard in all gaming PCs,” Jeremy Gonzales, social media manager at Cyber Power PC, said.

One of the biggest advancements making their way to SSDs is lower costs. A few years ago, gamers would have to spend a great amount on storage solutions, but prices are going down and players are able to buy affordable SSDs to see their performance boost.

Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and cofounder of ORIGIN PC, agreed that the evolution of SSDs shows no signs of slowing down.

“Obviously we’re looking at more capacity, we’re looking at higher performance, but also it will probably be the form factor,” Wasielewski said.

The form of SSDs have changed significantly over the past few years. Manufacturers have transformed the oversized drive while still maintaining its powerful efficiency.

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