Controlling labor costs, managing backend operations, providing a modern, fast, friction-free checkout experience: The challenges of operating a retail store or restaurant are much the same whether you’re running a thousand units or a small or midsize business.

But the budget, management layers and IT resources are definitely not.

That’s why many independents are embracing tablet-based POS, seeking the same capabilities as the big guys with a familiar, intuitive device that appeals to both employees and customers.

Easy, Satisfying Transactions With Tablet-Based POS

Unlike high-cost, complicated, traditional point-of-sale (POS) devices that sit in one spot and require extensive training to use, a well-designed, tablet-based, all-in-one POS commerce station fits the needs of today’s fast-moving retail or restaurant environment by combining the best of both countertop and tablet POS. That means it can:

  • Work just like a smartphone, so it’s easy for new hires to start using with little to no training
  • Accept any type of payment the customer wants, from chip cards to EMV to NFC-enabled payments such as Samsung Pay, through whatever processor the retailer determines
  • Let the customer see the whole transaction, as they’re accustomed to for online or mobile purchases, via a customer display
  • Make it easy for customers to engage with the business’s loyalty program, view offers and learn more about the brand
  • Be picked up and moved to wherever it’s needed, such as at a sidewalk sale or food truck event, while remaining connected
  • Double as a powerful backend management device, for tasks like inventory management, payroll and timekeeping

Samsung and NCR have collaborated on a solution that gives retailers and restaurants a streamlined, all-in-one POS commerce station. Samsung brings the design know-how that goes into making highly popular, world-class smart devices, while NCR lends its hundred-plus years of POS experience, leveraged in the modern age with its Silver cloud-based payment, marketing and management solution.

Those capabilities come together in NCR Silver Quantum, which checks all the boxes to support today’s ecommerce approach to business: mobile wallet acceptance via Ingenico, a customer display, a loyalty scanner and the Samsung Android tablet — all in a distinctive, streamlined device. The Silver version is for retailers such as boutiques, grocery stores and franchise stores, while Silver Restaurant is designed for quick service and fast casual restaurants.

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Equally important to many small business owners is easy access to powerful functionality such as inventory management, marketing support and sales reporting, which are all available through NCR. NCR Silver Quantum is also very easy to remotely set up and customize when used with Samsung Knox Configure, a cloud-based service and IT administration tool for preconfiguring mobile devices. Knox Configure enables businesses to customize the device before deployment so that it carries the exact set of apps the business chooses and always reboots to the company’s profile.

A tablet-based POS also empowers retailers and restaurants to engage in an important trend: taking their business to their customers. With the rise of pop-up stores, food and retail trucks, street fairs, patio and poolside dining, and other off-location events, businesses must be able to meet their customers where they are, without losing connection to backend data and processing. NCR Silver Quantum offers market-leading battery life of up to 10 hours and measures less than 13-in. in width, making it easy to set up and use anywhere. Wi-Fi and cellular versions ensure access to the right connection for the job.

But perhaps most importantly, a tablet-based POS system like NCR Silver Quantum must be attractive, approachable and easy to integrate for a small or midsize business. That makes it easy and intuitive for employees to use for transactions, timekeeping and other tasks, while offering everything customers expect from a checkout experience today: to see what’s happening, engage naturally with loyalty programs and pay the way they want to pay, quickly and easily.

Power-Packed for Small Businesses

Today’s small and midsize retailers and restaurants face more competition than ever. By leveraging powerful, tablet-based, all-in-one POS devices like the NCR Silver Quantum, business owners get customer engagement, business insight and payment acceptance, all in one sleek package — empowering them to take their businesses to the next level.

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