Dragging around a laptop can be cumbersome, but sometimes you need a big monitor or access to powerful applications to work more productively. Samsung DeX solves these issues while letting you leave the laptop behind.

With the use of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) such as Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix or VMware, DeX makes it simple to connect your smartphone to any mouse, keyboard and monitor to create a desktop experience. Once connected, the navigation experience offers a fully functioning Windows environment — all through your Samsung Galaxy Note9 device. Going beyond simple applications like Word, the Note9 can power up even the most demanding applications, such as AutoCAD.

Engineers, designers and your entire workforce can now go mobile-only without losing any tools or the power of the desktop.

Want to see this magic of mobile productivity at work? Watch this SBTV episode to see exactly how simple it is to connect your Samsung device to a virtual desktop and work in any application.

Discover how the Galaxy Note9 can bring a new level of productivity to your enterprise.